A purchase-based carbon footprint tracker

My Carbon Action offers a fully-automated digital tool for consumers to get insights on their everyday climate impact and make sustainable actions.

My Carbon Action unites consumers with banks, financial services partners, merchants, retailers and businesses in the fight against climate change. Our payment-based model calculates the CO2e emissions of every purchase, providing consumers with direct and visible insights on the environmental effects of their consumption. Consumers receive feedback on what they buy and where they choose to shop directly to their mobile app, making it easier for them to become carbon neutral or even carbon negative.

 The service is offered as a turn-key solution that merchants or financial service providers like banks can integrate into their existing platforms.

How much does your receipt weigh?

Receive direct weekly, monthly and annual feedback based on individual purchases

Map your carbon footprint across six different categories

Discover 100 smart ways to become more sustainable

Help your customers make more sustainable decisions

Integrate our turn-key solution to your existing application

Demonstrate leadership in combating climate change

The science behind My Carbon Action

My Carbon Action is based on a validated calculation method called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which has been developed together with D-mat, a Finnish consultancy experienced in lifestyle carbon and material footprint calculations. The calculation takes into account the environmental impacts of a product’s entire lifecycle from raw-material extraction, manufacturing and transport to use and disposal.

Want to partner with us?

For more information about how your business could implement My Carbon Action, please contact Ilona Kivimäki, Chief Product Owner of Sustainability Services at Enfuce: