Credit Card as a Service

An end-to-end solution for launching a credit card.

Problem: Customers demand flexible payment methods, and offering credit cards answers that expectation. Offering credit cards leads to better customer experience which leads to repeat purchases. However, credit cards are the most complex and regulated payment instrument. They require a lot of know-how, existing financing, licences, and other resources. That’s why credit cards have been out of reach for many fintechs, startups, and scaleups. 

Solution: Credit Card as a Service is a turnkey solution giving you everything you need to issue credit cards. From processing to credit licensing, financing, and fraud management, you get the full service in one place.

High level of configurability to delight your customers

  • Choose from revolving credit and charge cards.
  • Decide where and when the card can be used and what it can be used for with Spend Control.
  • Benefit from our comprehensive set of card management features.

Robust product setup and management


Utilise our credit ledger and choose how interest is accrued and how much is collected.


Update cards in real time through APIs down to the smallest detail.


Control every transaction by employing Authorisation Control


Manage your product and get customer insights through MyEnfuce.


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