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Webinar recording: Why modernise your payment card system, and how?

1 minute read

In this hands-on webinar, we’ll introduce the benefits of a modern, cloud-based payment card system and how to implement it.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to launch new payment products and features fast
  • How to make your payment card system cost-efficient
  • How to make your payment card system secure and compliant
  • How to implement a cloud-based card payment infrastructure

Duration: 45 minutes


Denise Johansson Enfuce

Denise Johansson

As one of our co-founders at Enfuce, Denise has 15+ years of experience within financial services to lead the company towards sustainable growth.

Mikko Nurminen

Mikko Nurminen

Mikko helps companies grow and scale to new markets through innovative payment solutions, and has been involved in payment-related projects since the early 2000s.

Kumar Panda

Kumar is responsible for helping companies find the payment solutions that best suit their needs. He has previously held business development roles in various domains and technologies.

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