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Webinar recording: Five ways to grow with payment cards, and why do it

Image for Webinar recording: Five ways to grow with payment cards, and why do it

What: Webinar about five ways to grow with payment cards

Duration: 45 minutes

Launching a modern payment card is easier for a card issuer than ever before, and the possibilities are endless!

Modern payment cards are changing the financial landscape and have taken a positively disruptive role in the financial ecosystem. With modern payment cards, you can create new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty.

In this hands-on webinar, Enfuce’s industry experts introduce five different examples on how you can accelerate growth and create buzz with your own payment cards. You will see inspirational use cases of revenue streams and feature options suitable for different industries.

Watch the webinar recording and learn: 

  • Concrete insights on how to build a business case for payment cards
  • Tips for a successful card product design
  • 5 successful case examples of payment cards across Europe (neobank, payroll, lending, business spending, subscription)

Enfuce is one of the fastest-growing challenger payment processors. We have recently helped a number of European fintechs enter new markets fast with our card product.

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Denise Johansson, Co-Founder, Enfuce

As one of our co-founders at Enfuce, Denise draws on her deep experience within financial services to lead the company towards sustainable growth. She established ambitious objectives guiding Enfuce to expand, employ the latest digital technologies, and push the team further than they’d been before.

Venla Pouru, Director of Strategy and Growth, Enfuce

Venla Pouru is the Director of Strategy & Growth at Enfuce, driving new market and product expansion as well as strategic partnerships. She is currently working on extension of Enfuce’s turnkey payment offering as well as the expansion our sustainability service My carbon Action.

Sabina Lakhiani, Senior Business Developer, Enfuce 

Sabina Lakhiani is leading the growth and sales of Enfuce products in France with Fintechs, banks and financial institutions. She also drives strategic partnerships in France with the objective of expanding the Enfuce client base.