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Webinar recording: How to build payment services that users love – story with Pleo

Image for Webinar recording: How to build payment services that users love – story with Pleo

Become the ultimate fintech benchmark everyone wants to copy.

Pleo has seen huge success in the highly-competitive fintech landscape, raising 350 million dollars in 2021. By watching the webinar recording below, you’ll find out how to build payment services that users love.

Watch this webinar recording and learn:

💎 How Pleo was built to help the daily lives of its users
💎 How Pleo’s features were built and developed based on customer insight
💎 How to make compliance and user-friendliness shake hands in payment services
💎 How Pleo has succeeded in market expansion and what’s next
💎 How trends are driving customer-centricity in the payments sector

Duration: 45 minutes

Experts speaking at the webinar

Olov Eriksson

Chief Product Officer at Pleo

Olov is a product leader with a strong track record of building very successful products and teams.

Linda Buss

Product Manager at Enfuce

Linda has worked with payments in various positions for almost 20 years. She is leading various initiatives to ensure that Enfuce’s product is and remains best in the market.

Niklas Apellund

CTO and Co-Founder at Enfuce

Over his career of 10+ years in software development and solutions architect roles, Niklas has established himself as a technical leader within banking and card processing.

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