Best-in-class customer experience.

For banks and financial institutions looking to innovate faster and provide an exceptional customer experience with state-of-the-art, globally scalable payment services.

Versatile payment solutions by Enfuce

Enfuce’s high-performance cloud processing service enables you to modernise your card offering to meet evolving market and user needs. With us, you can open new revenue streams by introducing digital payments features or new segment offerings.

Debit cards

Immediate transfers directly from the cardholder’s bank account when performing any transaction. Both business and consumer cards available.

Credit cards

Enfuce enables the delivery of feature-rich credit cards, incl. charge cards and revolving credit. Compatible with all payment methods and geographies.

Corporate cards

Introduce flexible business cards with differentiating digital features, unlimited hierarchies and value-adds like detailed reporting and analytics.

Digital wallets

Build customer engagement and retention through custom digital cards and mobile wallet offering.

card as a service

Learn how to launch payment cards cheaper, faster and with no downtime for your bank customers through Card as a Service.

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Key Enfuce services and features to strengthen your offering

  • Implementation in just eight weeks
  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • Feature-rich digital cards
  • Compatibility with all digital wallets
  • Top industry experts within your reach
  • Rich data available in real time

How to launch the winning payment card

Your complete guide to successful card issuing in 2020s — everything you need to know to issue a future-proof card product, including use cases, ecosystem partners, build vs. buy considerations, and more.

Digital payments for the modern customer

Established global banks and other financial institutions face more competition than ever from digital challengers. This means to stay relevant and maintain their strong industry position, they need to keep upgrading the customer experience and quickly implement valuable features for key segments.

With an agile tech partner like Enfuce, a financial institution can instantly issue payment cards compatible with any payment method and geography. APIs enable smooth customer experience and essential card features, including View PIN, geoblocking, flexible spending limits, and push notifications — all with a convenient and easy-to-use online bank interface.

A globally scalable card issuing and payment processing solution also allows financial institutions to add digital payment functionality to B2C and B2B cards. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets are fast to implement with Enfuce’s tokenisation. When a trusted technology partner is taking care of these implementations, you can fully focus on your core business — providing top-notch financial services with superior customer experience.


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