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Finding your own voice – Insights from Thy Bui, Analytics Engineering Trainee

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Welcome back to a new chapter of “My Seat At The Table”, our exclusive blog series launched to honor International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, where we highlight some of the remarkable women who play a vital role in shaping Enfuce’s success.

In this blog series, we hear from five incredible Enfucers from diverse backgrounds and roles. Through their inspiring stories and unique perspectives, they share what it truly means to them to have a seat at the table, how they empower other women in their professional and personal lives and the changes they hope to see in the fintech landscape for greater equality.

Let’s be honest. Finding your own seat at the table isn’t always a straightforward process as a woman in tech, especially when you’re just getting your career started. In this interview we’re proud to speak with Thy Bui who recently joined Enfuce’s engineering team as an Analytics Engineering Trainee.

Have a read to learn how Thy managed to start her career in STEM and join us in our mission to raise awareness, advocate and celebrate women in business.

Hi Thy, what’s your role at Enfuce?

I joined Enfuce as an Analytics Engineering Trainee. My day to day includes applying engineering best practices to provide clean, transformed and scalable datasets and creating valuable insights through data visualization, delivering reliable and usable data products for our stakeholders.

Giving media exposure to female employees is one way to boost their visibility and establish themselves in the fintech industry

What did you want to be when you were little?

As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian because I enjoyed caring for animals and making a positive impact on their lives. This inspiration continues to drive me today as I continually contribute to help and donate for animal shelters.

What do you think of International Women’s Day (IWD)?

I view International Women’s Day as a celebration of the strength, resilience, and achievements of women around the world.

It’s an opportunity to empower and uplift each other, advocate for gender equity, and recognise the importance of standing tall in our power. May we always know our worth, stand firm in our convictions, and never settle for anything less than we deserve.

What does it mean to you to have a Seat at The Table?

For me, having a seat at the table means being listened to, having a voice and influence in decision-making processes and discussions.

It also entails being recognised for your expertise and valued contributions to the team or organisation.

Can you share a personal or professional experience where you felt the impact of having, or not having, your Seat At The Table

When I reflect on my early days in the tech industry, it brings up a mix of feelings. It was a challenging time, entering an environment with a not so diverse majority. My class at the time had only two women, and I lacked knowledge and experience.

I used to hold back, not speaking up much, and simply going along with what others said. However, over time, I realised I had something valuable to offer. Through hard work and resilience, I found my voice and my confidence. Even now, I still have moments of doubt, but I’ve learned to trust myself and my abilities. This journey taught me the importance of having a seat at the table – being recognised for your abilities and valued contributions.

Who are the women who influenced your career the most and you feel helped you get #MySeatAtTheTable?

The woman who helped me get #MySeatAtTheTable the most is undoubtedly my mother. Her resilience both at work and in life has been truly inspiring. Despite facing numerous challenges, such as completing her bachelor’s studies while pregnant, juggling childcare responsibilities, and working simultaneously, she never faltered. While she may not fit the stereotype of a tough leader, she earned respect and recognition through her resilience and professionalism.

This year marks my 10-year journey to Finland. During this time, I’ve been fortunate to hear the stories of many friends and sisters who have shared their ups and downs. Their experiences have been invaluable in boosting my confidence and reaffirming my belief that it’s never too late to pursue my aspirations, as long as I trust in myself.

Monika and Denise’s attitude played a significant role in my decision to join Enfuce. Female CEOs are not common in the fintech industry, so it’s a source of pride to work in a company that strongly supports women in tech.

How do you empower other women at work or in your day to day life?

By cheering them on, acknowledging their strengths, and offering a helping hand to learn and grow. I also support a workplace where women can openly share their challenges and support each other along the way. Together, we can achieve great things!

What’s the advice you would give to other women who might want to have a Seat At The Table and are currently facing challenges?

Never give up, even when the going gets tough. Stay resilient and persistent in your pursuits. Discover your unique strengths and leverage them to make your mark. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance, as this can lead to valuable insights and opportunities.

In your opinion, what can the fintech industry as a whole do to promote gender equality and ensure that women not only have a seat at the table but also feel heard and valued?

Promoting gender equality and ensuring women feel valued in fintech involves several key actions.

It’s crucial to acknowledge their achievements and ensure they receive equal recognition for their work alongside their male counterparts. Transparency in promotion and progression processes is also essential—women should have equal opportunities to progress based on their skills, abilities, and contributions, rather than facing barriers based on gender.

Offering upskilling programs and increasing the visibility of female leaders are essential steps toward fostering inclusivity and empowering women in the industry. These efforts not only create a more equitable workplace but also inspire confidence and drive among women, helping them thrive in their careers.

Thank you for sharing, Thy!

And that’s all for this week’s interview. Interested to hear more from incredible Enfucers? Check out our blog with Venla Pouru, our VP of Strategy and Revenue Ops at Enfuce, all about the importance of deep diving in tech.

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