Become more sustainable with
My Carbon Action, and help your customers to do the same.


What is My Carbon Action?

My Carbon Action is more than just a carbon footprint calculator. By integrating it into your services, you’ll help your customers cut and compensate for their CO2 emissions. With My Carbon Action, you can instantly calculate the carbon footprint of each purchase your customers make. It also enables your company to become more sustainable through sustainability reports.

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Calculate the carbon footprint of each purchase your customers make. Help them understand the climate impact of their lifestyles to inspire action.


Help your customers make more sustainable lifestyle choices through 100+ personalised smart tips to cut their CO2 emissions.


Enable your customers to compensate for the CO2 emissions of each purchase and further reduce their carbon footprint.

Who is My Carbon Action for?


Give better and more sustainable financial advice while decreasing your collateral risk. Incentivise your customers to buy eco-friendly products and services. Offer them dynamic credit interest depending on their sustainability score.

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Integrate My Carbon Action into your payment card solution to help customers make more sustainable lifestyle choices. By grasping this opportunity, you can increase user engagement and customer loyalty.


Calculate the carbon footprint of each trip your customers take with your mobility solutions. Inspire them to take climate action and enable them to compensate for the CO2 emissions of their chosen mode of transport.

How My Carbon Action works

Calculate customers’
carbon footprint.

My Carbon Action calculates the carbon footprint of each payment transaction. It does it by combining the most accurate country-specific carbon intensity data with the Merchant Category Code (MCC) and purchase amount (in €).

Engage users with
lifestyle questions.

Users can answer engaging lifestyle-related questions about their diet, housing, transportation, goods, leisure and services. This way they’ll get more accurate carbon footprint calculations.

Give your customers tips
to become more sustainable.

My Carbon Action gives its users 100+ personalised tips to make more sustainable choices. The tips are scientifically verified, country-specific and divided into emission categories.

Enable customers to compensate for emissions.

Customers can compensate for all of their purchases, a percentage of their purchases, select a specific sum for each transaction, or a specific purchase they want to compensate for. It can be added as an add-on feature.

Help your company become
carbon neutral.

With My Carbon Action, you can also do sustainability reporting for your company. This way you can incorporate sustainability into your business and show your commitment and sustainability efforts.

It’s easy to integrate to your
payment solution.

Through flexible APIs, My Carbon Action can be integrated seamlessly on top of your products and services to suit to your brand and user experience. Contact us to learn more.

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How to launch a carbon footprint calculator

There’s no Planet B. And you don’t want to be a part of the problem, do you? Then take climate action! Start by downloading this free guide. You’ll learn everything you need to know to launch a carbon footprint calculator, and help your customers spend their hard-earned money in more sustainable ways.

Issuer's guide: How to launch a carbon footprint calculator

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The science behind
My Carbon Action

My Carbon Action is based on a validated calculation method. It takes into account the environmental impacts of a product’s entire lifecycle from raw-material extraction, manufacturing and transport to use and disposal. My Carbon Action combines country-specific carbon intensity data from multiple databases, user input and transaction data (including merchant category code, purchase amount and country of purchase) – a combination that no other carbon footprint calculator takes into account.

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my carbon action


“People say that My Carbon Action has really had an influence on their lifestyles. What we have seen while working with Enfuce is their willingness to think along with us to create the best possible solution for us.”

Joyce Ohello, Innovation Manager at Rabobank.

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Here’s what users say about
My Carbon Action

“I had no idea that eating meat and fish had consequences. Fifty grams of beef, 1 kg of CO2. That surprises me the most.”

Robert, 32 years old.

“I am shocked by the difference that someone with green electricity really produces so much less CO2 emissions.”

Leon, 30 years old.

“I have recently started eating less meat, and try to buy as few products as possible with plastic packaging.”

Wouter, 28 years old.



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