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Webinar recording: Future-proof your payment business through transformation

1 minute read

OKQ8 modernised its fuel card programme in the transformation towards sustainable mobility.

Having led companies through transformation, Monika Liikamaa (Enfuce) and Filippa Jennersjö (OKQ8) share their dos and don’ts in this webinar for companies who are at a point where their legacy systems and mindset and the change in the business landscape require rethinking and rebuilding of business models, tech, and processes.

Watch this webinar on demand to hear what Monika and Filippa wish their younger selves had known about transformation:

✅ Let go – your current business needs to make room for new business

✅ Size it down – have fewer people but the right ones in the right positions

✅ Redefine agile – kill the silos between business and IT, and more!

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