Webinar recording: How to drive digital revolution in B2B payments (learnings from Memo Bank)

December 1, 2022 1 minutes read

Be inspired by two founders who took the financial world by storm.

Memo Bank was the first French bank in 50 years to be licenced. With Jean-Daniel Guyot in the helm as Co-founder and Chairman of the Management Board, and supported by Enfuce, Memo Bank built digital financial services and payment options and put together a team of bankers to meet the needs of modern SMEs.

Watch this webinar, where Jean-Daniel and Enfuce’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder Denise talk about:

✅ What it’s like to found and lead a trailblazer company in the financial sector

✅ How to build a modern digital payment service with a premium customer experience

✅ How a shared mindset between partners makes it easy to learn and grow together

✅ What their most fruitful learnings, challenges, and successes as founders have been

We also created a neat summary for the webinar with insights from Denise and Jean-Daniel: Insights from Memo Bank: How to drive digital revolution in B2B payments for SMEs