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Release Notes

Release Notes - March, April 2023

New Features

Write-offs enabled via API calls

It is common for issuers to write off a debt when debt collection fails. When a write-off is done and what rules it’s based on depends on issuer policy.

Card account debt write-offs can now be done through the Update Account API. This clears off all open balances from each technical balance account. The issuer will have a full audit trail of the balance types that have been written off (principal, fees, interest).



Idempotency is an important feature of software systems such as card processing platforms. It ensures that executing a change or request multiple times has the same effect as executing it once. Idempotency makes it possible for a client to send multiple identical requests to an API without risking unwanted changes.

Idempotency ensures data consistency, avoids duplication of operations, and improves the fault tolerance of software systems. Overall, these updates further improve the reliability and resilience of Enfuce’s platform.

By default, HTTP methods such as GET and PUT are idempotent as the state on the server will be the same on a second attempt.

For HTTP methods POST and PATCH, we need to add features to ensure these methods also support idempotency. For example, two identical POST requests would create two different cards via the Enfuce API. The desired behaviour would be that only one card is created in such a scenario.

This is typically an issue when there is an issue on either the client or server side. It can also happen when there are network glitches and clients might not even receive a response back.

The solution is to make it possible to send a request a second time within a timeframe, without duplicating operations.

This feature applies to all POST and PATCH methods in our API:

  • Create customer
  • Update customer
  • Create account
  • Update account
  • Create card
  • Update card
  • Update application
  • Update plastic
  • Create transactions
  • Create fees

The API Documentation of this feature has been published in MyEnfuce’s Payment API documentation.

New Multi-country code classifier

We’ve added a new code to help identify country specific data to Enfuce’s Datawarehouse files. Card and Account Properties files will now include a MULTICOUNTRYCODE classifier to indicate which country specific data it is about. A description of this new field has been added to MyEnfuce Service Descriptions:

Account properties file

Card properties file

Release Notes - January and February 2023

New Features

True instant issuing – Physical cards that can be used straight away

Instant issuing means that a payment card can be used instantly. This has always been the case with virtual cards, e.g., a virtual card can be enrolled to digital wallets and the credentials can be used for e-commerce purchases right away.

We’re now introducing an improvement that allows the same experience for issued physical cards as virtual cards which will enable the end users to enrol them to digital wallets and use them for ecommerce purchase instantly.

All-in-One card

The All-in-One card combines multiple PAN’s into one physical card, instead of having a separate card for each payment method. In practice, this product can combine things like lunch allowances, mobility cards and travel expense cards, making life easier for the cardholder since they will have just one card with one PIN code.

The issuer can set custom limits and controls to each of these card applications and make changes to them in real-time. They can also manage which card applications are enabled for the cardholder and add or remove them without having to issue a new physical card when changes are made.

Each card application is linked to its own account which holds the balance, so funds are always taken from the correct ledger.

Credit Ledger Improvements

As Enfuce expands to new markets, we’re enhancing our credit ledger functionalities to help customers build unique credit card products and achieve their business goals, as well as meet local regulatory requirements.

The second batch of improvements includes interest waiving capabilities as well as new minimum to pay calculation logic.

Interest-waiving after full payments

Enfuce has enabled an interest waiving option, if the cardholder pays the full invoiced amount. When full payment is received, revolving interest will not be posted to the account.

This can be also configured so that the system requires two full payments in a row, in order to prevent the interest posting. The feature enables the issuer to stay competitive in the market and encourages the cardholder to pay the full debt after each invoice and reduce the issuer’s credit risk.

New Minimum To Pay calculation logic available*

Enfuce credit ledger now supports two different minimum to pay calculation logics to meet different market requirements.

  • Option 1 – the standard calculation logic option (EEA market):
    • % of the whole principal balance (containing interest and fees) + the amount of overdue balance
  • Option 2 – the newly available calculation logic option (UK market):
    • Interest + fees + % of the principal balance + the amount of overdue balance

Release Notes - November and December 2022

New Features

Account Hierarchy

Account hierarchies allow you to create a ranked structure for your corporate customers’ accounts, with a defined top account, unlimited sub-accounts, and associated Prepaid or Credit cards.

The hierarchy links the customer accounts for a, e.g., department, geographical area, or business area.

This feature allows you to set spend controls, credit limits, or, e.g, ATM withdrawal limits for the whole hierarchy at the top level, enabling customers to control spending, enforce budgets, and track balances effectively. The link between the accounts also allows you to block or close multiple cards at once when needed.

Read more about this new feature in the service descriptions.

Credit Ledger Improvements

As Enfuce expands to new markets, we’re enhancing our credit ledger functionalities to help customers build unique credit card products and achieve their business goals, as well as meet local regulatory requirements. The first batch of these improvements include different payment priorities and interest calculation logic options.

Payment priorities

When a credit account holder makes a payment, and it’s posted to Enfuce’s system, we have a logic for how that payment is allocated to different balance items such as overdue debt, invoiced debt, and current cycle debt. Further, it can be specified if, e.g., interest should be covered before fees. These priorities are usually set based on regulatory requirements.

Interest calculation improvements

There are multiple ways to calculate interest. We’ve added a few options to give customers more flexibility in defining their credit product:

Possibility to start accruing interest from transaction posting date
Interest on interest, i.e. that interest balances also accrue interest.

Upcoming features

  • Interest-waiving after full payments
  • New Minimum To Pay calculation logic

Send files to multiple locations (SFTPs)

Enfuce sends data warehouse files daily. These files can be payment transaction data and other reports, statements, invoices, etc. Previously these files could only be sent to one location, but we have now implemented a solution to send files to multiple locations if necessary e.g., to our customer and a credit line partner.

Visa Address Verification Service (AVS)

Visa’s Address Verification Service allows card-not-present merchants to check cardholder’s billing address with the card issuer to increase security and protect against fraud. Enfuce offers this service to comply with mandatory card scheme rules in the UK.

An Address Verification request includes the billing address provided to the merchant by the cardholder (street address and/or zip or postal code). The request can be transmitted as part of an authorization request or an account verification. Enfuce checks the transmitted address information against the address information in our database and provides a result code to the merchant, indicating whether the address given by the cardholder is a match.

MyEnfuce search improvements

Previously, it was only possible to search with customerNumber, customerID, accountID and cardID in MyEnfuce. Now you can also search with and RegNumber (for example a SSN or business id), as well as free text to find entries by name.

The new free search has been made available as its own functionality, in addition to the previous filtered search. The new search functionality is now the landing page (default) of MyEnfuce customer portal, but the filtered search can still be accessed from the same page.

In addition to RegNumber, the following customer information can be searched with free text: First name, Middle name, Last name, Company name.


Mac ID&V options

A risk assessment is done with every Apple Pay provisioning request. When necessary, the cardholder is presented with authentication (Identity and Verification, ID&V) options to verify their identity.

Apple has multiple methods available for Card Issuers to facilitate user ID&V. When doing the provisioning on a Mac computer, the only available ID&V was inbound Call centre. This has been fixed and multiple ID&V options can be presented.

Account API usage limiters

A bug in the Update Account API in regards to updating some of the account usage limiters has been fixed. Now all account usage limiters applicable for an institution are working as expected.

Release notes - August, September and October 2022

New Features

Authorisation Control feature for real time decision making

We’ve launched a new feature ‘Authorisation Control’ to support real time decision making at the moment of a payment authorisation request. With Authorisation Control, you can decline and approve transactions based on advanced rules and create cards with incredible details. See how this feature works.

Tokenisation of card to digital wallet messages available in Notification API

When a customer enrols a card to a digital wallet, the card’s information is tokenized by the card scheme for security reasons. We now have the capability to trigger a notification to the issuer to inform them that their customer has started enrolling their card to a digital wallet. The issuer can utilise these messages to get real-time information about digital wallet enrolments as well as proactively offer help to their customers if they see that enrolment has failed mid-process.

Enhancements in the embossing service to cater for laser printing

We now enable a wider variety of characters for cardholders’ names in physical cards. There are two ways to have a cardholder’s name on a physical payment card – embossed (i.e. stamped) and laser-printed. In addition to embossing, we’ve now adjusted our service to cater to laser printing, which offers more possibilities for printing characters on cards. For more information, contact Enfuce and your embossing house.

Usability improvements in the Developer Portal

The Developer Portal in MyEnfuce, where you can access our sandbox, API explorer and documentation, has received several upgrades. These include, but are not limited to, the possibility to navigate to the sandbox directly from the API explorer and the option to add more than one item in an array in our API explorer. You could use this to, for example, add multiple different usage limiters into one update call. If you’d like to see the improved portal, log in or create a free account here.

Better Customer Portal UI for MyEnfuce

MyEnfuce customer portal, which issuers can use to manage their cardholder data, has been refreshed with improved user interface that includes better navigation abilities.

MyEnfuce change log for keeping track of updates

MyEnfuce now features a change log that tracks all updates and improvements in the portal. The change log is updated monthly.

MyEnfuce Help for frequently asked questions

For all frequently asked questions, MyEnfuce has been updated with a Help section. Here you can find answers to all questions about Enfuce documentation, accessing the MyEnfuce portal and more.

New service documentations in MyEnfuce

MyEnfuce has been updated with new service descriptions. These include detailed descriptions for the Enfuce data export file, our revolving credit product, our sustainable physical card product MyCard, spend controls, authorisation control, Transfer API, MyApp and several compliance related service descriptions.

Release notes - May, June and July 2022

New Features

Full support for Visa* biometrics**

Enfuce has enabled support for processing transactions made with 2nd generation Visa biometric cards. Enfuce is now able to read and validate the biometric authentication in an authorisation message. Successful biometric authentication is considered comparable to PIN-entries, and transactions done with biometric authentication will be considered as strong as customer authenticated. This also means that biometric transactions will clear the PSD2 required calculator that keeps track of consecutive non-authenticated transactions.

* Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association

** Biometric card works through a sensor on the card that captures an image of the cardholder’s fingerprint, which is verified by a fingerprint record securely stored on the card chip. This is considered as a valid strong customer authentication method according to PSD2 regulation.

Transfer API

Enfuce now offers the Transfer API which supports peer-to-peer transfers between accounts and cards residing in Enfuce services. Now the issuer can offer convenient peer-to-peer payments between its customers without third parties or intermediaries. Transfer API supports both transfers between accounts as well as between cards. The transfer between accounts or cards is processed in real-time and the balance is also updated in real-time. The API also has a free text field that will allow messages or identifiers to be recorded for each transfer.

FX rate API v2 launch

Enfuce’s exchange rate API, developed to support issuers with the EU Cross border payment regulation, has been updated to meet the needs of issuers with varying mark-up rates. Additionally, we now have support also for Mastercard exchange rates. The new version of the API allows the issuer to set currency pairs of the exchange as well as define the applicable mark-up rate, allowing issuers that issue cards in multiple currencies and differing mark-up rates to use the same API endpoint for all customers.

MyApp (a white-label mobile app for card management) launch

Enfuce now offers a white-label app for Card-As-A-Service customers as a new value-added product. MyApp has all modern card management features as:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric or passcode authentication
  • View PAN (Full Card Number) & View PIN
  • Transaction history and detail
  • Manage limits and region blocking on the card
  • Temporary block and unblock the card
  • Push notification per transaction
  • Add to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Now Enfuce customers can launch their own branded mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms. Customers configure the features and design with the chosen branding style, then Enfuce supports the app publishing process together with a customer and makes sure the app stays compliant with all regulations.


  • Incorrect product code value appeared when listing cards for a given account.
  • The Account API endpoint Get cards given accountId, incorrectly displayed the account product code in the “template” field when the expected value is the card product code.

Release notes - January and February 2022

New Features

Set PIN in Web view

The Set PIN functionality is improved and now requires less development work on the customer’s end. This is enabled by providing a ready-to-use WebView solution that takes care of all logic related to the PIN entry and transmission.

Layout enhancement to View Card Data

Enfuce has enabled the possibility to add customers’ own card design layout to View Card Data service. View card data enables users to view card data safely without access to digital wallets or their physical card.

Support for changes in the EU regulatory reporting

The European Central Bank payment statistics requirements have been revised. This means that annual reporting requirements are being expanded and that issuers need to report to their local regulators. Enfuce has reacted to these new requirements by ensuring the required information is in a downloadable format in the Enfuce Data export files. Enfuce has also implemented a new optional report that includes transaction level information about if strong customer authentication (SCA) has been done and if not, which PSD2 SCA exemption has been applied.

Helping customers move under their own BIN

Enfuce has enabled one of its BIN-sponsored Visa* customers to become a principal scheme member instead. Enfuce supports issuance, authorization processing (including 3DS-enrolment) and clearing of both BIN-sponsored cards and cards under a customer-owned BIN in parallel. This is done by segregating the relevant data flows and reporting functions between the BINs involved. Enfuce supports migrating to the new BIN by allowing cards of both BINs to coexist and by allowing balance transfers between those cards through Transaction API.

Multi-country improvements

Previously, expanding to a new country required setting up a new institution, which involved a lot of manual work and resources. Enfuce has re-designed the setup so that one institution can support products in multiple different countries/currencies while still enabling differentiation on country level. The implementation time and effort has been substantially reduced with the new approach. As a result of the new setup, Enfuce has helped its customers to expand to 8 new markets in the past 8 weeks.

SMS OTP for enrolling to Digital Wallets

Enfuce now supports the deliveries of one-time passwords (OTPs) through text messages to allow users to enroll for Digital Wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Enfuce has implemented the capabilities to support these flows end-to-end. This covers card scheme implementations as well as SMS gateways to deliver these codes to the users.

* Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association