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MyCard – Embedded card bureau

If you wish to issue physical cards with your own design, it usually takes months with time-consuming steps like:

  • Chip profile design and approval by card scheme
  • Ordering plastic cards with predefined chip profile
  • Design of the card visual and approval of the design by the card scheme

Enfuce’s MyCard service is designed to get you to market with physical cards within 6-8 weeks. With our in-stock pre-designed and approved cards, you can easily launch physical cards without the long wait and the effort.

MyCard offers two different options: MyCard Express and MyCard Custom. Which one you should choose depends on many factors, such as:

  • Card volume
    • The express solution is mainly used for lower volumes.
  • Level of freedom for design
  • Time to market
    • Our express solution is ready to go and a very efficient way to get cards out to market fast.

Alternatively, you can opt for both options and start with the MyCard Express to get cards printed out quickly and meanwhile take the time to design and print a custom card.

MyCard Express

Cards that are available almost instantly with limited possibilities to customise how the card looks.

  • Only available to issuers using an Enfuce shared BIN.
  • The card is available either in black or white and is defined as:
    • Issuer’s chosen logo printed on the front of the card either horizontally or vertically
      • Black card: logo in white
      • White card: logo in four colours

This service comes with a simple design template, where you need to provide a logotype and/or a company name to be printed on the card and everything else is set. Our cards are sustainable and produced using recycled PVC.

An example of what the card would look like:

Example design for MyCard

Delivery is included in the MyCard service with next-day deliveries to Europe including multiple courier partners and registered mail tracking. The associated carrier letter is also templated and texts can be customised according to your needs and tone.

MyCard Custom

Customise your cards where only the sky’s the limit. The custom cards are an option for both issuers with a shared BIN and a BIN that’s owned by the issuer.

Examples of how the cards can be customised:

  • The material can be recycled PVC, wood, etc.
  • Metallic colours
  • Coloured core
  • Different colours on the magnetic stripe
  • Different packaging
  • Delivery times for this option are longer than in the Express option

Ordering process

The process for ordering cards is the same for both our MyCard products, Express and Custom.

* In the MyCard order process, steps 3 and 4 are only valid for the MyCard Custom option whereas the express product already has plastics stored in Latvia.

MyCard process