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We value collaboration with several trusted partners from both commercial and product perspectives. By building on different relationships, we can give you the full breadth of infrastructure and enabling technologies to launch modern financial services that are easy to use and fully compliant.

From a commercial perspective, Enfuce’s collaboration with partners involves strategic alliances and synergies. By establishing strong connections with partners who share our vision of modern, digital-first payments, we can create an ecosystem that fosters growth and innovation.

On the product front, we recognise the importance of adaptability and customisation. Each customer’s requirements are unique, and Enfuce taps into our partner ecosystem to precisely match these needs.

Our Partnerships team

The Partnerships team is responsible for identifying, securing, and managing relationships with organisations outside the company (excluding customers and suppliers) that help other key functions achieve their respective goals.​

The Partnerships team allows our customers to thrive through three key pillars:

Strategy: Drive Enfuce’s partnerships strategy and make sure it’s aligned with the our customers’ needs and supports our strategy and vision for the future of payments.

Relationship management: Manage existing partners to build and steer joint prospective customer opportunities to make sure we deliver them the best possible solution together. We also educate our partners on Enfuce’s offering, strategy, capabilities, and product releases. This can also involve coordinating joint activities such as product development to bring unique solutions to the market.

New partner acquisition: Identifying, acquiring, and onboarding new partners where we see gaps in delivering a real turnkey solution to unique use cases.

Partnering models

At the core of our approach to third party partnerships is adaptability and versatility, so we can deliver optimal solutions with agility. Enfuce can act as the sole contracting party, meaning we handle the partnership relationship for you. In such cases, we serve as the central entity responsible for managing and overseeing the partnership, ensuring that the partnership is streamlined and cohesive. This reduces your workload and makes sure that all parties are always on the same page.

Alternatively, we also offer the option for you to contract directly with the chosen third parties. This approach allows you to have a more hands-on role in selecting and managing your partnerships, allowing for greater customisation and control over the relationships they establish.

The flexibility to accommodate either scenario is testament to our commitment towards collaboration to provide tailored solutions that best suit your needs and preferences.

Enfuce and our partners

Examples of our Partners in the ecosystem

Card Schemes

Enfuce is a Principal member of VISA and Mastercard. Through the principal memberships, we foster collaborative partnerships to allow a seamless, state-of-the-art payment solution with endless opportunities for customisation.

Core Banking

Enfuce partners with next-gen core banking providers to enable faster time to market and customisation. Our partnerships with core banking partners empower you to leverage their cloud-native architectures, which, in turn, unlocks the advantages of reduced run costs, seamless automation, and high resilience.


To tackle the heavily regulated and compliance requirements that are constantly evolving, we facilitate partnerships with industry experts to help you stay compliant and reduce fraud.