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Enfuce interfaces and data sharing

How to access your data through Enfuce interfaces

The Enfuce data approach is based on a generic solution that is designed to fit different types of payment products (credit, debit, consumer, corporate, fleet cards, etc.). The way we have built our data approach is that all (non-sensitive) data is available transparently, to allow you access to as much information as possible, without any added cost. Our solutions are designed to support different types of products and implementations to enable a versatile product offering utilising the same solutions.

To conclude:

  • All (non-sensitive) data is available
  • The data approach supports different types of payment products
  • Identifying and utilising relevant data is up to you

The data is available through two channels:

  1. API’s
  2. Data export files


We believe in an API-first approach which is why we provide access to all your data via APIs wherever possible and relevant. The APIs allow for three main functionalities:

  1. Create / Post. You can create new customers, accounts and cards (including new PINs) in real time as well as post predefined transactions.
  2. Update. You can update existing customers, accounts and cards in real time.
  3. View. You can view the current information of accounts, cards (including PINs) and customers. You can also view transactions per an account or a card.

In addition to the main APIs there are some additional endpoints for specific functionalities (e.g. exchange rates and wallet). Have a look at our API documentation for more details.

Notifications (webhooks)

Notifications are push messages triggered by the system when a predefined event occurs. Notifications provide near real-time messages on any events that occur, in an app to the cardholder, for example. Notifications can be used e.g. to confirm to the cardholder a successful status change.

The notifications service only triggers the outgoing message. The message is sent to an endpoint for you to process the message further. It is your responsibility to react to relevant notifications based on your wants and needs (e.g. push notification or SMS). Requests and responses are UTF-8 encoded and in a standardised JSON format.

Enfuce supports notifications when the following events take place:

  1. Authorisation is processed – approved authorisations, declined authorisations and authorisation reversals.
  2. Card production events – when a card is created/replaced/reissued/renewed a notification is triggered.
  3. Status change – when an account or a card status is changed a notification is triggered.
  4. Digital wallet token event – when a tokenisation request has been initiated, a token is activated or when a token status is changed.

Data export files (batch)

Data export refers to a set of files which are exported from the Enfuce Payment Platform Data warehouse for your information and use. The goal is to arm you with a source of data that will enable the in-house creation of reports and data load to the internal data warehouse and other systems for further use.
The files are incremental and do not contain all accounts, cards and customers every day, the files only include changes to accounts, cards and customers that have been recorded the previous day.