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View card data

‘View card data’ allows the cardholder to safely and conveniently access the data required for making an e-commerce purchase, without having access to a digital wallet or a physical card. The cardholder gets access to the full card number, expiration date and CVV2/CVC2. With this card data, your customer can make purchases at any e-commerce merchant that accepts Visa/Mastercard payment methods.

Key benefits of enabling this service:

  • Your customer can make online purchases immediately after onboarding, without a physical card.
  • Safe and convenient way for your customers to access payment data when needed. No need to write sensitive details on a post-it note, for instance, since the information is always available on the go.
  • Easy and fast implementation to your systems with a well-designed API.
  • Security and PCI compliance: Designed to avoid exposure of sensitive, PCI-categorised data to the web/app back-end. The functionality is developed, assessed, and certified for PCI DSS.

Retrieval of card data process

Retrieval of card data process
  1. Your customer initiates the request to get card data from a web or mobile application​ after completing SCA.
  2. The web/app back-end requests a token and a URL-delivered unique cardId from Enfuce which it returns to the web/app.
  3. With the token and URL, the web/app requests the card data.
  4. The card data is returned with an HTML snapshot that contains the full card number, expiration date and CVV2/CVC2. You can design the app to display the information in accordance with your own web/app design.

Have a look at the initial card data retrieval API documentation for more technical details.