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Purchase details

This solution enables enriching transactional data with, for example, receipt line items, quantity of items or travel details. While normal card transactions have a lot of information, it lacks detailed data about what was bought. Enfuce’s purchase details solution allows you to enhance each transaction with additional details and utilise these in user interfaces and the invoicing process. Below are examples of standard transaction data and purchase detail examples:

Transaction data and purchase details

Example: Your customer drives to a fuel station, fuels their car, buys a coffee and a chocolate bar.

Without details you only have information about where and when the purchase has been done and some additional information about what payment method the cardholder used. Purchase details for this type of transaction could be the exact type of fuel the customer purchased, how much, at what unit price and what the VAT was. In addition, you could capture that a coffee and a chocolate bar were purchased.

Example of a purchase detail

It should be noted that there is no public source of purchase details, yet. Access to the data usually requires bilateral agreements between yourself and the merchant/acquirer where the merchant agrees to share this data. The data could also be captured by the cardholder by taking a picture of the receipt or manual entry, for example.
Enfuce enables storing the purchase detail data, linking it to a financial transaction, accessing them through our APIs and have them included in the invoice of credit products.

Key benefits of purchase details

Effortless way to capture purchase details related to transactions

  • Generic solution catering to both fuel use cases (type of fuel, litres, VAT, price) but equally usable for other purchases (flight details, single use card additional info, parking, etc)
  • Enables adding purchase details to invoices, cardholder facing interfaces and for customer service interfaces

Purchase details solution

The solution consists of the following main functionalities:

  1. An API that allows the issuer to enter (and edit) purchase details captured from merchants, customers or other sources.
  2. Enfuce linking the purchase details with financial transactions posted to card accounts.
  3. An API that allows retrieval of purchase details linked to financial transactions to be shown in a cardholder app, for example.
  4. Enfuce including purchase details to invoice files.
An illustration of purchase details solution

Purchase details API

This API allows you (and your chosen partners) to effortlessly post purchase details as soon as the transaction is done. The purchase details available to be posted cover all relevant data:

  • issuer defined code describing the type of item being purchased
  • issuer defined description of the item being purchased
  • unit type describing e.g. if the unit is liters or gallons
  • price per unit
  • value-added tax (VAT) both as a percentage and amount
    quantity of units purchased

Linking financial transaction to purchase details

The solution allows purchase details to be posted both before and after the connected financial transaction is posted. This allows you to post the purchase details when it suits you best rather than adapting internal processes to e.g. card scheme clearing cycle schedules.

The linking is done using matching attributes that Enfuce and yourself align on during the implementation project. The attributes should be such that they are identical in both the purchase details and financial transaction and provide a combination that is unique so that matching can be done reliably. Examples of possible attributes:

  • transaction date and time
  • merchant id and terminal id
  • authorisation code

Purchase details in customer interfaces and invoices

Purchase details can easily be fetched with the Get purchase details API. This can be utilised in many different ways, for example:

  • Integrate purchase details to your customer app/web portal improving the user experience
  • Integrate purchase details to customer service interfaces to allow for better customer service
  • Utilise purchase details as data insights analytics and in loyalty programs

As part of the purchase details solution Enfuce will, as part of the invoice generation process, enrich the invoice data with available purchase details. As an example, item specific data allows for automated accounting on a granular level and the VAT information is very useful for corporate customers enabling easy VAT deductions.

An example of the invoice UI after the purchase details have been uploaded