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Quick guide to Enfuce

First of all, nice to meet you! Here’s a short introduction to get to know us better:

Enfuce is the leading global card issuer and payment processor that merges innovation, security, and expertise to create modular, cloud-based payment processing capabilities.

By focusing on collaboration, we are able to efficiently provide our customers with cutting edge features – offering in-house experts and white labelled technology to help companies create scalable payment solutions with ease.

Supporting debit, credit, prepaid, gift, fleet and fuel card programmes in any form – for consumer, commercial and B2B applications – our no-nonsense approach helps customers create bespoke payment solutions that are flexible, scalable and secure.

If you want a more detailed version of who we are, who we work with and where we came from, have a look here.

What we offer

Now, here are some core pages for you to check out if you’re trying to find out what we can do for you:

    1. Platform page – How all the pieces of our solution puzzle fit together
    2. Processing – How we get to 99.999% uptime for our cards
    3. Issue any card – What card programmes you can choose from
    4. BIN sponsorship – What licencing options you can opt for
    5. Global compliance -How your cards are in safe hands
    6. Migrations – How your experience can be effortless

What to do before issuing cards or migrating to a new processor?

Good preparation is the key to success. To help make your goals for the dream card programme crystal clear, we’ve created some detailed guides.

Are you new to cards and processing and would like to learn more about the basic concepts first?

Check out our Ultimate processing guide.

Want to learn how you should build your RFP or RFI (request for proposal or information) to get the best possible partner?

Here’s our RFX guide!

Looking to add cards to your offering but don’t know where to start?

The card issuer’s guide to happiness is for you.

For more guidance and our thoughts on hot topics in payments,

visit our insights page.