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Customer success

Enfuce offers comprehensive support throughout your lifecycle as a customer. During onboarding, our onboarding team will set up the service for you and guide you through the process of launching your card product. Once you are in production, our customer success team will be your main point of contact related to using the service. Throughout the entire process, your dedicated customer success manager will be available and make sure you get the best possible value out of our service.

Our support models for the onboarding and production phases are described in this guide.


Program management

Management of a card program requires specific market expertise and understanding of card issuing. As a program manager, Enfuce will administer the card issuing entities (BIN sponsor and card scheme) on behalf of the customer, and ensure a successful card product launch by coordinating with card manufacturers and digital wallet providers. In many cases, a specialized card program manager ensures successful implementation and also high-performing operations to secure your solution once it’s in production.

As your program manager, we support you through the entire implementation.

  • We guide you in collecting all necessary information needed by Enfuce and relevant third parties (e.g. the BIN sponsor and/or selected scheme).
  • We keep you informed about the implementation timeline and important milestones and dependencies.
  • We support you in designing the product and selecting an appropriate configuration.
  • We support you in setting up the processes towards needed third parties (e.g. PSP, KYC/KYB provider, embossing house, scheme)

Example flow of an Enfuce onboarding project:

Example of Enfuce's onboarding process

The BIN project includes the administrative card program setup. We help you submit your program application and guide you through the BIN sponsor’s due diligence requirements. The key documents you need to provide for this process are:

  • Program Application Form, including information on initial card and settlement volumes, your business and card program description and your selected escrow (PSP) and KYC providers
  • BIN sponsor due diligence form and appendices: recent annual financial statement, trade register extract, articles of association, basic company presentation and information about your possible license
  • Information about involved third parties: customer onboarding flow, funds flows, process descriptions for KYC/ KYB and PEP/sanction checks, agreements with third parties (without commercials), third-party due diligence forms
  • Information about your application and/or website: terms & conditions, privacy policy, review of application, website, FX calculator and 3DS flow
  • Information about your cards: artwork and card activation flow.

Issuer implementation covers your scope of work related to implementing the required user interfaces and backend functionalities for customer onboarding, card issuing and lifecycle operations. If you opt for digital wallets into your service scope, you will need to integrate them into your application as well.

Card manufacturing setup covers the specification of your physical card product and its setup on our card manufacturing partner’s end if you choose to include physical cards in your offering. We will guide you in this process as well.

Enfuce payment service implementation

Enfuce has a robust onboarding flow that consists of standard phases, ensuring a smooth experience and a predictable timeline for reaching production for you as an issuer.
Onboarding is kicked off with a detailed service scope definition that includes all features and card system parameters based on your use case:

  1. Onboarding of new customers: setup of your institution and product (scheme, card product, card, currencies, countries, account & customer structure)
  2. Card usage and embossing: transaction notification configuration, data export files, transaction & authorisation test set and embossing process & keys setup
  3. Updates and fees: definition of usage limiters, notification configuration and fee structure for your product
  4. 3DS, sensitive card details, FX, card tokenisation: landing page and 3DS flow implementation, setup of PIN/PAN APIs and FX profile setup

In parallel to onboarding steps conducted by Enfuce, your developers will first obtain access to the Enfuce sandbox (containing generic test data) and later to your institution’s dedicated demo and production environments.

  • Maintain the cardholder relationship and user journeys related to the card
  • Perform activities related to know-your-client (KYC/KYB), anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist obligations
  • Proving cardholder Terms & Conditions, ensuring that all Account Holders and/or Cardholders enter into an agreement directly with the BIN Sponsor, covering the use of cards
  • Provide a strong customer authentication (SCA) solution in connection with the use of the Cards through a Website and comply with such related obligations in accordance with the revised payment services directive (PSD)
  • Get approval from Enfuce for advertising, marketing, newsletters or other public communications to and/or related to the Cards prior to their disbursement.
  • Maintain a complete, accurate and updated list of all countries in which the Cards will be marketed.
  • Ensure that its Third Party Vendors fulfil BIN Sponsor Requirements;
  • Ensure that physical Cards are handled, shipped and distributed according to legal and card scheme requirements.
  • Maintain Card customer service.
  • Cooperate with Enfuce regarding Card unusual, suspicious or fraudulent activity or investigation.
  • Identify the BIN Sponsor as the issuer of the Cards and include Card Scheme names or marks as directed by Enfuce.

Customer support in production

Once you launch your card and enter production, our customer support is set up to help you in any matters related to using the service. Our customer support consists of a comprehensive set of modules ensuring that you receive the full value of the Enfuce service both on a daily level and long term:

  • Tickets handling
  • Service Level Reporting
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Dispute management
  • Customer success management

Service Levels for each customer support module will be contractually defined.

Customer Success Management

Requests for new features or changes to existing features, functionalities or additional services that are not included in the Services may be requested in accordance with Annex 2 General Terms. The Fees do not include fulfilment of the foregoing or support services required for Incidents that are not within Enfuce’s responsibility pursuant to the Agreement.

Our customer success team and your dedicated customer success manager are responsible for the customer relationship and your satisfaction, covering:

  • Support with the implementation of different use cases with existing features.
  • Support in formulating new customer requirements as clear use cases for new feature requests.
  • Coordination of trainings for your different user groups.
  • Information about Enfuce service best practices.
  • Information about new releases to the Enfuce service.

Tickets Handling

Second-line support is available for the issuer and your customer service teams, acting as the communication channel between you and Enfuce in daily matters. Our support email ( and 24/7 telephone number are available for you and other involved parties (such as subcontractors or third-party vendors). All support contacts are to be delivered via the support channel and our service desk will validate, prioritise, and ensure that customer requests will be handled accordingly. All second-line support contact and documentation are done in English.

A support request will create a ticket, which is classified by Enfuce as an Incident or a Service Request. Incidents are defined as any defect, malfunction or compromise of data integrity within our service. Our incident management team resolves incidents and informs you about their status and resolution.

Events that are not incidents are classified as Service Requests. These can be for instance permission changes, document requests, technical specification explanations and other general support regarding the delivery of our service.

First-line support for cardholders is the issuer’s responsibility and is not provided by Enfuce.

Service Level Reporting

We provide you with monthly reports, including at least the following items:

  • Actual Service Level of the critical and important functionalities
  • Ticket statistics
  • Incidents overview